Word Counter Tool

Copy and paste your text into the online text editor to count the words and characters limit in the sentence. It is a live tool so it will show you results immediately in the below box. It is a completely free tool for everyone.





About Online Words Counter Tool

Online Word Counters are a very useful tool for everyone who needs to keep a count of their words and characters. It becomes a very tough task when you start counting words manually, even if you do not have Microsoft Word. But, this tool makes your work easy.

This tool is also perfect for those who write articles for clients or working as a freelancer. You can deliver the same word limit article as you promised him/her. Simply, paste or write your text in the text area and it will display the results below the box.

So, what are you waiting for, try this tool right now and bookmark it for next time use.

How to Use a Counter Tool?

You can copy and paste your text into the text area and the tool will automatically count the total number of words as well as characters. You are able to see your result below the box. It is very straightforward to use and a completely free tool for all.

Why are our tools different from others?

There are tons of word counter tools available in the marketplace. Most of them are not automatic, which means you have to click submit or other buttons to count the word.

But, in our tool, you do not press any button to get your result. You have only to type or paste your text in the text area and your result will appear automatically. Also, few tools set the limit to count the words. But, in our tool, there is no limit. You can paste text as long as you want.

What is this tool useful for?

If you are a blogger or content writer then word count is important. This tool could be very useful for your SEO. For example, you have to write a 1,000 word article for your client then you can use the word counter tool to count the word limit in your article. Also, you can use it to write meta description, and title of your blog post as it has some word limitations for better SEO.

Apart from this, if you are a student or teacher then you can use this tool. As a student, you can count the words in the written essay.